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What we do


During its more than 50 years of existence, CSCD has realised a large number of projects. From the beginning, in dedicated cooperation with relevant national and international partners, it has continually developed specific areas of inquiry.
A particular focus of research is in cultural participation, regarding cultural needs and general habits of the population and specific groups (children, teenagers, students, senior citizens, etc.), as well as various types of audiences (theater, music, gallery, festivals, and others).
The main research line at CSCD is directed towards
cultural and natural heritage in the function of sustainable development, as well as creative industries and cultural tourism. A significant corpus of research projects are
related to problems in the domain of human resources and information technology, as well as the general conditions of cultural work (material resources, financing, legislative).

Contribution to science

In additon to the fact that the research of CSCD is regularly cited in scientific papers, CSCD also collaborates with scientific institutions in both Serbia and in other countries through an exchange of experts, guest lecturers, organising scientific conferences and also participating in them. Likewise, many university students regularly participate in research which is initiated by CSCD.

Cultural statistics

The electronic database e-Kultura (www.e-kultura.net)
is one of the main continuous projects of CSCD and the primary source for official cultural statistics in Serbia. This database includes information on more than 2,000 cultural organisations in Serbia (museums, archives, institutes for the protection of cultural monuments, theatres, galleries, cinemas, citizen associations, etc.).
e-Kultura features an interactive system, which enables cultural organisations to have direct access and to update their information. In a regular yearly cycle, data is collected about programs, audience and users. In cooperation with the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, statistical reports are regularly made available to the public.
In this area CSCD develops continuous cooperation with the European organisations EUROSTAT and EGMUS.

Strategic planning based on facts

The exceptional significance of CSCD is reflected in the fact that its research and expertise is used for creating, monitoring, and evaluating strategic cultural policy documents.
On a national level, CSCD played an important role in creating the proposal for the Strategy for the Development of Culture in the Republic of Serbia from 2018 to 2028, also monitoring the implementation of the action plan of the government of the Republic of Serbia in the area of culture. In addition, experts at CSCD were engaged in creating a series of local strategy plans.

Scientific journal Kultura

Since 1968 CSCD has published Kultura – Review for the theory and sociology of culture and for the cultural policy, which is a highly-ranked academic journal on a national level. The journal is conceived to enable and encourage critical thinking on current themes in the fields of culture and media through multidisciplinary approaches.
The journal redaction is composed of respected experts and academics. Since the beginning Kultura has been open to all creative ideas present both in the domestic sphere and globally.


As an expert institution, CSCD has a diversified publishing portfolio, and increased attention is dedicated to digital media and placing cultural content on the internet. One of the projects that CSCD participates in is the creation of a national cultural portal.
In addition to publishing research results, CSCD also publishes anthologies of academic conferences, as well as publications intended for a wider public. Likewise, CSCD is open for collaboration in publishing activities on an international level.

CSCD Gallery program

CSCD supports all aspects of cultural creativity and communication and provides a space for encountering cultural actors. In these spaces academic and professional conferences, discussions, and debates are held, which gather representatives of domestic and foreign cultural and academic institutions, as well as representatives of the civil and economic sectors.
In CSCD Gallery respected academic painters are exhibited and group shows are organised, and the gallery also affirms the creative work of students of art schools and academies.
CSCD also organises international events where participants exchange views on important matters like global cultural development, such as Belgrade Counterpoint, which gathers world-renowned creators.

CSCD Library

Center for Studies in Cultural Development also has a Library with a rich library collection of over 3,000 monographs and periodicals in the field of sociology, especially sociology of culture, cultural policy, history, history of art, anthropology, and other humanistic sciences and art.